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A Roatan Island Map + Maps for Popular Communities

A Roatan island map can help you to better understand the layout of this long, thin island in the Caribbean. The island is located off the northern coast of Honduras and is the largest of the Bay Islands archipelago. Roatan can be essentially divided into its eastern and its western halves. Within each, there are countless communities where expats and tourists may be interested in visiting. To get all the details you might want or need, be sure to review our Comprehensive Guide to Roatan Island first.

If you just need to get your bearings, then this collection of Roatan maps should help you better understand each popular area of the island in its overall context. If you need any help, you can always contact us for more details on any of these popular expat hubs and the many real estate opportunities that are available.

First: A Roatan Island Map

If you’re trying to get your bearings, first take a look at where the Bay Islands are in comparison to the Honduran mainland:

Roatan compared to mainland Honduras and Central America

Roatan is pinned off the north coast of Honduras in Central America

The island of Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands. It is divided into two municipal areas, which we’ll explain in more detail below. First, a Roatan island map to help you see the layout of key areas on the island:

Roatan island map from Roatan Life Real Estate

Overview of the Island of Roatan

In terms of government and purview, the Bay Islands are a Department of Honduras (similar to a state or province), and then the island of Roatan is divided into two municipal areas. These are the Municipality of Roatan and the Municipality of José Santos Guardiola. The administrative center for the Municipality of Roatan is at Coxen Hole. You can read all about this hub of commerce and transportation to better understand what you’ll find there.

Santos Guardiola is more commonly referred to, generally speaking, as the East End. Many expats love the East End for its quiet, laidback island vibes and true Caribbean style and spirit. Be sure to read all about that part of Roatan, especially if you’re considering retiring to Roatan!

The Municipality of Roatan is the western side of the island, which is where the majority of the population lives and where the majority of tourism is focused.

Roatan Communities Where Expats Live

If you want to better understand the island of Roatan, be sure to read our Comprehensive Guide for Roatan Island first. Below, we’ll give a quick overview of these popular expat real estate areas on Roatan plus a map so you can get your bearings.

West Bay Map

West Bay is a very popular area with both expats and tourists. There are multiple neighborhoods and developments that expats particularly like. Take a look at all West Bay Roatan real estate that’s currently available and you’ll see a wide range of opportunities! Learn all about West Bay before you visit.

West Bay Roatan map from Roatan Life Real Estate

West End Map

West End is another very popular location for both expats and tourists. This community offers plenty of condos and villas. But you can take a look at all West End Roatan real estate that is currently listed to see the variety. Check out all the details on West End here.

West End Roatan map from Roatan Life Real Estate

Pristine Bay Map

Pristine Bay is just past French Harbour and certainly very popular with expats moving to Roatan. Perfect for a relaxed retirement in a golf community or for investing in a beautiful vacation home in the Caribbean, Pristine Bay real estate might be just what you’re looking for right now.

Map of Pristine Bay in Roatan

Sandy Bay Map

This extensive section of the north shore of Roatan covers a variety of homes and real estate opportunities. Choose from beachfront villas or gated community condos or hillside homes surrounded by lush tropical jungle. Sandy Bay real estate is varied and is sure to check all the boxes for you!

You can read all about Sandy Bay to learn more.

Map of Sandy Bay Roatan from Roatan Life Real Estate

Palmetto Bay Map

Palmetto Bay is a beautiful gated community away from the main road and away from most tourists. This community offers easy access to both commercial areas at French Harbour and Coxen Hole. But it also enjoys a quiet location along the north shore. It’s quite the combination for expats!

Map of Palmetto Bay on Roatan

Turtling Bay Map

Not far from Palmetto Bay is Turtling Bay, another very popular area for expats looking for a quiet escape without being too far from amenities and conveniences. Check out the available real estate in Turtling Bay Roatan for truly beautiful island living.

Map of Turtling Bay in Roatan

East End Roatan Map

While the overall Roatan island map shows the East End, it’s worth focusing on this region on its own, too. Roatan’s East End is very popular with expats, especially those who are retiring to live the good life on the island! Read all about life on the East End of Roatan and learn more details about these popular communities.

Map of the East End of Roatan

Punta Blanca Map

Punta Blanca is a north shore community on the East End that expats enjoy. Its neighboring community, Punta Gorda, is the original Garifuna settlement on the island and still serves as a cultural hub for the community.

Map of the Punta Blanca community in Roatan

First Bight Map

Located just past French Harbour, First and Second Bights are popular for expats for their convenience and accessibility while still being less popular or busy than the western side of the island.

Map of First Bight Roatan

Big Bight Map

With several new developments underway, Big Bight is a very popular area for expats right now! Investments are pouring into this area, with multiple opportunities at varied phases of development to meet your interests and needs.

Big Bight Roatan area map

Camp Bay Map

Camp Bay is where, for most folks on Roatan, the road ends. This is a popular destination for expats from the western side of the island to take a day trip or a weekend getaway to enjoy this less-crowded beach along the north shore.

Map of Camp Bay Roatan

Oak Ridge Map

Oak Ridge is one of the island’s original settlements. The area is still a commercial hub and a social hub for residents in the East End. Whether you’re moving here or visiting, head to BJ’s Backyard for live music and food! Many retired expats enjoy this area of the island. You’ll also see many more using it as a base for traveling between home and commercial areas by boat.

map of the Oak Ridge Roatan area

So, there you have the most popular communities on Roatan for expats (and tourists) and all the Roatan island maps you might need! Of course, there’s nothing quite like actually being on the island. That gives you a feel for how long it takes to travel between locations based on road quality — and cruise ship visitors!

If you want our expert insights to help you decide on where to look for real estate based on your lifestyle and needs, feel free to reach out any time so we can chat about your goals. We’re always happy to help!