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Aimee George

My husband and I fell in love with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about Roatan on a mission trip in 2008!

Something about the island kept drawing us back. Each time we would visit and leave to return to the states our hearts felt as if we were leaving a piece of them behind!

So in 2020 we decided to buy a lil slice of paradise that we could call home!

Roatan has forever changed our lives! It's taught us to LIVE NOW! LIVE BIG! DREAM NOW! DREAM BIG! Most importantly to LOVE BIGGER because tomorrow isn't promised!

I have always been a big believer in sharing ANYTHING that has changed my life! Roatan has done that for me and my husband in so many ways!

Being able to help others find their slice of paradise as well as LIVE their DREAMS and LIVES BIG will be my pleasure!

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