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Barbara Blue


Barbara comes to Roatan Life with a strong corporate background in both national and global management. She is an entrepreneurial individual with a proven track record in achieving rapid growth against aggressive requirements. This experience has served her well in providing outstanding customer service to her clients in real estate the past 3 years.

Barbara has a proven track record in sales and account management in the travel and tourism field and now real estate. In her experiences, she has focused on accelerating growth
and has consistently exceeded customer expectations. She is adept at performing in rapidly changing markets, as well as delivering excellent customer service.

Barbara is a collaborative communicator skilled in building positive relationships with customers. Her skills allow her to minimize risk by anticipating variables that can impact customer service in a multicultural environment such as language barriers, nuances and how people from different cultures interact with businesses and brands.

Barbara graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Barbara and her husband Stacey are active volunteers with a number of charities on the island of Roatan.

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