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Roatan Guide

June’s Real Estate Update

This month’s expert update on Roatan Life & Real Estate is full of the information you need! Whether you already own property on our beautiful little island or are looking forward to your big purchase, we believe that it’s important for you to have the newest and most relevant information possible. Living your best Roatan […]

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May’s Real Estate Update

Thanks for joining us again for another in-depth look at life and real estate in Roatan! We want you to have all of the information you need before making the decision to buy, sell, rent or live on our beautiful little island. We’re sharing our insider perspective, lesser-known (yet crucial) Roatan info, hot new offers […]

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April’s Real Estate Update

dock on clear water

Hey there! Spring has sprung, and with it comes the promise of new adventures… Over here in Roatan, we’re embracing the warm sunny days as rainy season comes to an end. The sky is blue, the water is clear, and the real estate opportunities are HOT! You already know that Roatan is a major vacation […]

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Is Roatan Rainy Season All That Bad?

Let’s talk about rainy season in Roatan! If you’re coming on vacation to Roatan, you surely don’t want your whole trip to be ruined by rain. After all, you’re coming for soft, white sand beaches and tropical sunshine! But, the tropics are beautiful in large part because they are not completely dry and sunny all […]

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A Roatan Island Map + Maps for Popular Communities

A Roatan island map can help you to better understand the layout of this long, thin island in the Caribbean. The island is located off the northern coast of Honduras and is the largest of the Bay Islands archipelago. Roatan can be essentially divided into its eastern and its western halves. Within each, there are […]

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What You Need to Know About French Harbour Roatan


French Harbour is located in the middle of the island of Roatan, essentially serving as a dividing line between the East End of the Santos Guardiola Municipality and the western half of the island under the Roatan Municipality. As a main hub of commercial activity, French Harbour itself isn’t a very popular residential location for […]

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It’s Clear Why Expats Love the East End of Roatan

Roatan's East End aerial view

The East End of Roatan is a very popular area for expats. Quiet, more rural, and a true taste of island life await you in the East End. Part of the Santos Guardiola Municipality, the East End is a term to describe the many different neighborhoods and communities that vaguely encompass everything East of French […]

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Living the Good Life in Sandy Bay Roatan

Sandy Bay Roatan is an extensive stretch along the northern shore of the island between Coxen Hole and West End. Within this large expanse, there are communities and neighborhoods that are very popular with expats and with tourists. With the combination of community areas, amenities, and convenient access to both the practical parts of Coxen […]

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Island Life Insight: An Overview of Coxen Hole Roatan

Coxen Hole Roatan is not a popular part of the island for expats to purchase property and live, but it is a significant destination in terms of general expat life needs. It is also the hub where many tourists will arrive in Roatan, so it’s helpful to understand what you might find there and what […]

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7 Ways West End Roatan Will Knock Your Flip-Flops Off

Have you visited West End Roatan yet? If you have, then you already know why visitors adore this beachfront village. With its plentiful fun activities and seriously laidback vibe, West End takes Island Time to a new level! If you’re looking for a low-key beach community that knows how to have fun, West End might […]

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