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Is Roatan Rainy Season All That Bad?

Let’s talk about rainy season in Roatan! If you’re coming on vacation to Roatan, you surely don’t want your whole trip to be ruined by rain. After all, you’re coming for soft, white sand beaches and tropical sunshine! But, the tropics are beautiful in large part because they are not completely dry and sunny all year-round. Our lush jungle-covered island is called the Gem of the Caribbean because it truly is vibrant green surrounded by stunning hues of blue. As you fly in, you’ll be awed by the seemingly all-natural state of our island.

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Rainy season is what keeps this island looking so beautiful, so we do appreciate and love it. That said, we also understand when tourists are disappointed if their whole week is overcast or rainy. If you’re worried about how rainy season could affect your Roatan real estate investment, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss details with you.

So let’s dive into it: Is Roatan rainy season really all that bad??

Lush Roatan jungle overlooking the Caribbean Sea

When is Rainy Season on Roatan?

Roatan’s rainy season starts in October and can run through February. The heaviest rainfall is typically in November and December. This basically matches up with winter in North America and Europe, which is the most popular time of year for all of you to flee the winter and seek some tropical sun.

The important thing to remember about rainy season in Roatan is this: the sun still shines.

When we say “rainy season” we don’t mean the rain starts and you’ll never see the sun until the whole season ends. Not at all. We have plenty of bright, perfect, sunshine-filled days throughout rainy season. We should really just call it winter to avoid the confusion.

All we mean by “rainy season” is that the chance for rainclouds rolling through is much higher. We do experience full days of rain, but we more often have a rainstorm come through at some point during an otherwise-sunny day and then it clears again. Those days offer exceptional sunsets…so get your camera ready!

Palm trees silhouetted by a tropical sunset

Life During Roatan Rainy Season

For expats living on Roatan, rainy season is indeed most welcome. By September, temperatures are high and humidity is right up there with them. When the rain starts, it’s a relief for those of us who live, work, and play here on the island. Our gardens suddenly start to perk back up, the palm fronds look less sad from too much dry heat, and the geckos take cover under patio overhangs.

For expats in Roatan, rainy season is just another time of year. Of course, those of us who live here year-round do consider this to be winter. Don’t be surprised if you’re fleeing sub-zero temperatures up north only to find Roatan locals bundled up in 65-degree weather! That’s very cold for us these days.

Of course, these temperatures will always beat those frigid cold northern climes. Plus, the only white stuff on the ground here is lovely, warm sand.

Tropical jungle growth on Roatan island

Is tourism affected by rainy season?

The short answer is: No!

The high season for tourism coincides with rainy season, so there is certainly no negative impact there. Over the holidays and the long winter up north, an endless happy stream of visitors come to Roatan and enjoy a beautiful tropical vacation. While it is rainy season and these visitors could experience some poor tropical weather, the odds are still good that they’ll see plenty of sunshine, too.

Is Roatan’s rainy season like monsoon season?

No, Roatan’s rainy season is not like monsoon season elsewhere in the world. When the rains start there, they don’t stop until the season ends. For us here in Roatan, rainy season is more like springtime up north. The old adage “April showers bring May flowers” is sort of like our rainy season. October rain revives our tropical jungle. And the same way that summer storms will roll through up north, we get those passing clouds, too.

While weather changes daily, our annual averages for rain and sun show you that you will most likely enjoy a sunny, tropical, beautifully Caribbean experience here on Roatan!

Coconuts on a palm tree on a sandy beach

Does Roatan get hurricanes?

Another popular question — and it’s a fair concern — is about hurricanes. Luckily for Roatan, hurricanes very rarely directly hit the island. Unlike our Eastern Caribbean island friends, Roatan is not in the “Hurricane Belt”. Our island is not typically in danger during hurricane season. Of course, we can and do experience the outskirts of these massive storms. And, sadly, the Honduran mainland has borne the brunt of a few direct hits more recently.

But, overall, Roatan very rarely worries about direct hurricane damage. This is a massive relief for all homeowners and investors, but more importantly, it’s a relief for all of us who live here and love this island.

If you have been here during a Roatan rainy season, we hope you agree with our assessment. Rainy season in Roatan is more like winter and less like monsoon season, so there’s really nothing to fear.

If you want more details about how rainy season can affect your expat life and especially your real estate purchase, contact us any time. We’re always happy to help!