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Living the Good Life in Sandy Bay Roatan

Sandy Bay Roatan is an extensive stretch along the northern shore of the island between Coxen Hole and West End. Within this large expanse, there are communities and neighborhoods that are very popular with expats and with tourists. With the combination of community areas, amenities, and convenient access to both the practical parts of Coxen Hole and the entertainment of West End, Sandy Bay in Roatan is where you can live the good life!

In addition to the popular expat areas of Sandy Bay, tourists will find so much to love in this part of the island. Sandy Bay boasts several boutique hotels and B&Bs, as well as countless vacation rental opportunities. There are dive shops and other water activity centers aplenty, plus lots of restaurants and cafes to enjoy. Sandy Bay is an excellent blend of local and international. And you might just fall in love with island living right here!

Be sure to read our Comprehensive Guide to Roatan Island in Honduras to familiarize yourself with the whole island. And you can always reach out with any questions about property or expat life here on the island. We’re always happy to help!

A Sandy Bay Roatan Map

Before we jump into the neighborhoods of Sandy Bay, you might want to take a look at our map of the area. That way, you see what part of the island we’re talking about here:

Map of Sandy Bay Roatan from Roatan Life Real Estate

You’ll notice that Coxen Hole is along the south shore. The main road (in yellow) leaves there to cut across to the north shore all the way to West End. That stretch is what’s considered to be Sandy Bay.

Check out all our Roatan maps for easy reference

Neighborhoods of Sandy Bay in Roatan

Sandy Bay is a very popular area for expats, but it has a much more community-integrated feel than some other parts of the island. Throughout Sandy Bay, there is a tapestry of people, languages, architectural styles, and amenities. Since this is a rather long stretch of northern shore, you can truly find everything you need in Sandy Bay.

Here are some of the more popular areas for expats considering moving to Sandy Bay Roatan…

Lawson Rock aerial image along the north shore of Sandy Bay Roatan

Lawson Rock

Lawson Rock is definitely one of the most popular destinations for expats in Sandy Bay. This community boasts everything from sprawling villas to condos, from extensive beachfront to beautifully-manicured tropical gardens. Lawson Rock is a clear favorite due to its convenience, amenities, and reliability.

For those seeking an investment property to rent out while off-island, Lawson Rock is a regular favorite for the rental market. And for those seeking a retirement home, this community has everything you need with all the comforts and amenities you could want!

Check out the available real estate in Lawson Rock to see the variety of opportunities that currently exist.

View over the lush jungle to the Caribbean from the north shore of Roatan in Sandy Bay

Gibson Bight

In the hazy border between Sandy Bay and West End, Gibson Bight could be considered the dividing line. The marina here has long been used in poor weather as a shelter for the many dive boats of West End and West Bay.

The homes in Gibson Bight range from stunning mansions to modest local homes. Those seeking to be close to West End but far enough to enjoy complete quiet and tranquility might like the opportunities available here in Gibson Bight!

Take a look at the available properties in Gibson Bight and let us know if you’d like to learn more about any of them.

General Sandy Bay

There aren’t necessarily names for the remainder of Sandy Bay, although there are some areas that are recognized or notable. There’s a stretch of Sandy Bay beach where you’ll find several beautiful homes right on the waterfront. Many of those are investment properties used as vacation rentals.

The hillside communities of Topside and White Rock Hills are quite popular. They offer beautiful views over the north shore with comfortable sea breezes cooling your home all year.

The neighborhood around the Sol Foundation’s Harvey Community Center is more integrated and right along the coastline. And there are plenty of similar pockets all along this stretch offering island-style homes right on the beach. Many expats enjoy the combination of lower costs with true community integration living in these neighborhoods.

For a real slice of island life, Sandy Bay might be your dream come true!

Take a look at all of our properties in Sandy Bay to see if anything suits your needs. And always feel free to reach out if you’re looking for something specific!

Aerial view of the reef and island of Roatan along Sandy Bay

Tourism in Sandy Bay Roatan

Since Sandy Bay is a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of amenities — and opportunities — throughout this part of the island. If you’re visiting Roatan, you’ll find fantastic boutique hotels and B&Bs along the shore, plus tons of vacation rentals throughout Sandy Bay. This is an opportunity for investment if you’re considering buying a vacation home to rent out while you’re back home!

Retirees love Sandy Bay for its affordability, less centralized tourist focus, and convenient access to everything you might need. Just 5-10 minutes’ drive away are the big grocery stores, transport links, and administrative facilities in Coxen Hole. And 5-10 minutes in the other direction will bring you to vibrant West End with its nightlife, restaurants, dive shops, and more.

While West End can get quite busy with tourists, Sandy Bay’s tourism is more evenly-dispersed. That means you’re less likely to see big traffic jams and big crowds on cruise ship days, wherever you are in Sandy Bay!

Palm tree with yellow coconuts on a beach in Roatan

If you want to learn more about Sandy Bay Roatan, feel free to get in touch so we can share all our insight and expertise. The Roatan Life offices are located right here in Sandy Bay, too. We’d be happy to show you around to explore the plentiful real estate opportunities here!