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13 Reasons to Love West Bay Roatan

Realistically, there are countless reasons to love West Bay Roatan, so we won’t pretend that this list of things to love is comprehensive! But we also realize that many of you have visited our beautiful island home and already fallen in love. We’re talking head-over-heels, counting-down-the-days kind of love. And we know the feeling!

West Bay is Roatan’s most popular tourist area and it certainly deserves its fame. From the beach to the amenities, from the reef to the attractive neighborhoods…West Bay really does have it all.

As one of the more popular choices for expats moving to Roatan, West Bay’s many neighborhoods and developments offer a variety of real estate choices. If you’re thinking of moving to Roatan full-time, this area is perfect; if you’re seeking an investment property for rental income, then West Bay is perfect.

Yes, it’s true that we love West Bay! How do we love it? Let us count the ways…

West Bay Roatan island point


1. West Bay Beach is a Beauty!

The extensive strip of soft white sand that is West Bay Beach is a world-class destination. Regularly listed as a top beach in Central America, the Caribbean, and even the entire world, West Bay Beach earns the honors. If you want a beach that’s completely empty and natural, this isn’t it.

But if you want some fun in the sun surrounded by stunning natural beauty, then you’ve found your paradise in West Bay, Roatan.

Take a look at our Roatan Island maps to get better acquainted with the West Bay area.

2. Snorkeling is Exceptional in West Bay

We won’t dare say the snorkeling is best in West Bay because, truly, it’s amazing all around Roatan! Since our island is fringed by the world’s second-largest barrier reef, there are so many great spots for snorkeling straight from shore. But it really is so convenient from West Bay Beach.

Swim for just a minute and you’ll be hovering over intricate coral formations and watching a variety of marine life enjoying their natural habitat.

The snorkeling is fantastic all around Roatan, and West Bay is certainly no exception!

3. SO MANY Dive Sites in West Bay

As part of the Roatan Marine Park’s purview, you’ll find dozens of mooring lines along West Bay where dive shops and private boats will be tied up to let their divers blow some bubbles. Shore diving is actually very easy from West Bay Beach, but it’s more common to board the boat and head out for an even lazier diver’s dreamy experience.

Some popular sites here include Mandy’s, Seaquest, Butcher’s Bank, Chloe’s Coral, Tabyanas…okay, this list could go on forever. There are SO MANY dive sites along West Bay Beach. And that’s not to mention the sites around the point.

If you’re a diver, you could spend your whole vacation diving right here in West Bay and never tire of it. Check out the Roatan Marine Park’s Dive Site Map and you’ll see just how many excellent sites are around West Bay.

4. A Brand New Golf Course

West Bay Roatan golf course

Did you know that West Bay has Roatan’s newest golf course? Adding to the ever-popular Black Pearl 18-hole course at Pristine Bay, we now also have a 9-hole course right here in West Bay. With a new neighborhood development of golf course villas in the works as well, this is sure to be West Bay’s latest, greatest neighborhood.

Check out West Bay Golf Course and Villas for development plans or to book a tee time!

5. Awesome Vacation Rental Opportunities

Since West Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Roatan, that also makes it a prime location for vacation rental opportunities. Whether you’re looking to rent for an upcoming vacation or you’re considering investing for a second rental property, West Bay is prime real estate in Roatan.

Looking for a rental? Check out Roatan Vacation Rentals for plenty of options!

Looking to invest? Check out the West Bay real estate listings we currently have available.

6. Attractive Expat Neighborhoods

These plentiful vacation rentals are often found in the beautifully-crafted West Bay neighborhoods. Right at the western point of the island, you’ll find the Turrets, Turtle Crossing, and Lighthouse Estates all boasting beautiful homes along the hillside overlooking the western tip of Roatan.

Along the shore between West Bay and West End are the neighborhoods around Tamarind Drive, with a variety of structures available for full-time residence or as ideal investment properties. If you’re considering moving to Roatan or investing in real estate on the island, take a look at our comprehensive Roatan island guide first.

And then, of course, there are the condo options…

7. Beachfront Condos Aplenty!



If you’d prefer less upkeep for your island getaway, then a condo might be your ideal set-up. With rental opportunities typically handled by the on-site managers and all the amenities you’d expect in a communal housing situation like a condo complex, life can be easier with a smaller space!

Check out the many options right along West Bay Beach at Grand Roatan, Infinity Bay, Maya Key, and more. There’s also the Meridian on the very western point of the island and then the stunning Keyhole Estates development on the south shore just up the road from West Bay Beach.

8. A Retirement Dream Come True

If you’re thinking of retiring to Roatan, West Bay might be your dream come true. With convenient access to all of the amenities you’d want for daily life, plus endless natural beauty and outdoor fun to be had, West Bay ticks all the boxes!

You could opt for a beautiful home with your own private pool or go for a downsized beachfront condo to snowbird in winter and escape the cold up north. The options are as diverse as our retirees.

9. Fun Nightlife for All!

West Bay is a popular spot for nightlife and activities. Given the popularity of the area for tourists, it’s easy to see why. From fire dancers on the beach to tons of bars and live music options, you could choose a different spot every night! Enjoy a classy evening at a wine bar or grab a cocktail and dance in the sand all night long…age is just a number here and there’s always fun to be had.

10. Excellent Dining Options

Beyond the late-night fun, there are plenty of options for dining from breakfast until dinner. With expats from around the world all calling this island home, the dining options are certainly eclectic. You can enjoy local Honduran options alongside Italian, Canadian, Thai, or Indian.

The restaurant scene in West Bay is fantastic and always changing, so you’ll surely have too many favorite places to choose from on any given day!

Friends jumping off a dock at the same time

11. Social Circles for Everyone

The crowd in West Bay is definitely social. If you’re looking to make new friends and create a community in Roatan, then you’ll certainly find like-minded folks here. With such a variety of people calling Roatan — and especially West Bay Roatan — home, you will definitely find people who like the same activities and share the same interests.

12. Quiet Hillside Homes with Views

If you prefer to keep yourself to yourself, then West Bay is still an idyllic place for you! There are so many beautiful, quiet hillside homes where you could spend all day in the serenity of nature. Grab a book, put your feet up, and bask in the beauty of Island Time.

13. The Island Lifestyle in West Bay Roatan

The island lifestyle is one that calls to so many people all around the world. For many of us at Roatan Life, that call was enough to pick up and create a life for ourselves that made more sense. Slowing down, enjoying the small moments in life that really matter, and all the while keeping our toes in the sand and our faces toward the sun…that’s the island dream we’re all living here in Roatan. And it’s an easy lifestyle to enjoy in West Bay Roatan.

Sunset behind palm trees

If you love West Bay as much as we do, then you’ll love these real estate options. Take a look and get in touch if you want to learn more about the real estate market in this area of Roatan. We’re always happy to chat to make sure it’s the right decision for you.