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Roatan Relocation Information

Over the past decade Roatan has become a popular destination for  relocation, retirement, and making investments. The island’s tropical landscape, rich marine life and laid-back lifestyle are attracting people the world over. Many people dream of living in a Caribbean paradise. . . and it is possible to live out this dream here in Roatan!

Roatan real estate is as varied as the people considering a purchase. You will find beach and hill lots, homes, investment property and businesses for sale. Roatan’s prices are far below those in other Caribbean locations. It is a good time to buy and invest in Roatan as global real estate prices continue to rise.

In Roatan you will find a variety of stores and supermarkets which stock local and international produce. You will find many banks, numerous attorneys, several gyms, high speed internet, an international airport, and many of the services you have at home.

Families considering relocation will find private bilingual schools throughout the island, as well as the University branch of the UTH (Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras).

Within the last few years a fairly full range of medical services is available on Roatan. On Roatan you will find several hospitals. Cemesa in French Harbour, Wood’s Clinic, the Roatan Public Hospital, the Garm Clinic at Parrot Tree, and a new Unimed Hospital in West End are all open to tend to emergencies. Clínica Esperanza in Sandy Bay and Anthony’s Key Resort are also options for outpatient visits. A variety of specialists also visit the island on a regular basis.

Additional hospitals are found throughout the country in most major towns. The country’s largest hospitals can be found in the major cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa but both the D’Antoni Hospital and Medicentro in nearby La Ceiba provide even more options. Medical insurance for expats is also available, including airlift service for major medical issues.