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  • Steve Hasz


    While walking down Roatan's West Bay Beach in 1992, I realized what a magical place I'd discovered. The friendly people, white sand beaches and lush greenery captivated me. Although Roatan has many more services today, its charm continues to keep me here.

    For the past dozen years, I have spent around half of the time working on Roatan and the Central American mainland. I've had the privilege of interacting with many of Roatan's business people, expats and its many visitors. My reputation for honesty and delivering positive results has grown through the years, along with my knowledge of all aspects of Roatan.

  • Mike Carter


    In 1996 I made my first trip to Honduras, and immediately fell in love with the diverse culture, people and physical beauty of this vibrant place. As the years went by and the frequency of my travels to Roatan increased I took the leap and began investing and developing real estate with -Yea, you guessed it!- Roatan Life Real Estate. One of the properties I purchased was a vacation home in Palmetto Bay Plantation. After a few months of talks, Gene DeMarco and I started Roatan Life Vacation Rentals and Property Management.

    The birth of the new division of Roatan Life Vacation Rentals inspired my wife Cindy and I to make the leap and leave our careers in the USA and move to Roatan full time. As a principal in a growing property management company with an extensive background in customer service, I decided to take the next step and became a licensed realtor here in Honduras. Since then I have been happy to partner with Steve Hasz and Gene De Marco as an owner, partner, and leader of the Roatan Life Real Estate team.

    I believe my experience in business here on Roatan and in the United States makes me a great solution for your real estate needs. I am known for my directness (the Midwesterner in me), but feel that is the most transparent way to work with clients; I want to be sure Roatan is right for them and help them make the best decisions possible. I look forward to working with you.

  • Gene DeMarco


    I first visited Roatan in 2001 while vacationing and diving. Originally from Boston, I lived and made my early career in hotel and property management, both Boston and the Cayman Islands. In 2006, Mike Carter and I decided to move to Roatan and start Roatan Life Rentals, a property management company designed to offer the best services to those investing in property on Roatan. Since I have managed the maintenance and construction aspects of the company.

    As a recognized home inspector on Roatan my extensive experience running the job crews and maintenance operations, working with various contractors and companies, has provided me a unique perspective of each investment property. My experience as an inspector allows me to recognize all the possibilities for renovation of existing properties and help prospective buyers realize their vision quickly and easily. I enjoy spending my free time diving, traveling to exotic locales, and hanging out with my island family.

  • John and Barbara Morris


    Live and Invest As a husband and wife Licensed Realtors team at Roatan Life Real Estate, we have lived and worked on the island for over 10 years and have accumulated a vast knowledge of the island and its people, creating a large network of professional connections.

    We will assist you in your search for the perfect property, whether it be a condo, a house, land or a business development, having access to all listings on the island, both private and those on the MLS.

    So when considering an agent to represent you in your real estate new adventure, relax and let us handle it! Our unique approach as a married couple allows you to see all sides of living and investing on the magical island of Roatan.

  • Herbie Jackson


    Every day I wake up and realize how lucky and blessed I am to have been born and raised on this beautiful island of Roatan. I am constantly in awe of the island’s beauty and charm and want to share it with as many people as possible. Seeing the island through the eyes of a visitor is an absolute pleasure and one that I will never take for granted.
    I have a few years experience with in the Real Estate business. After graduation I started to work in a Real Estate office and worked my way up to a full time Realtor. Seeing the potential in the industry and the positive effect it has on the island’s growth and prosperity made me realize that this career was perfect for me. My goal is to provide professional service to all potential clients and help them achieve their dream of owning a piece of paradise. I look forward to helping you.

  • Monica Pleitez


    Proudly Guatemala and happily living the dream of Caribbean life. My family and I decided to move to Roatan a few years ago, seeking the magic of this wonderful island. In the middle of this search and with the experience as a real estate agent in a big city, I decided to become a realtor and be part of the team at Roatan Life! Many families dream to own a piece of this wonderful destination, so let me be part of your next amazing and breathtaking moment!! I am fluent in both Spanish and English.

  • Lisa Blythe


    I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. With my parents owning Real Estate offices in South Florida, I grew up in the real estate and property management industry. Then eventually transferred to Brookfield, Wisconsin where I enjoyed real estate and running a social networking group. Now, I am enjoying the beautiful warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and island life and is I am here to help you with your Real Estate needs on the island of Roatan, Honduras

  • Scott Zender


    I am a licensed Real Estate agent in Roatan, Honduras.

    I was born in Ohio but spent most of my life in Dallas, TX. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Music Education. The first 18 years of my career I was a HS band director / Percussion Coordinator in the Dallas area.

    I was able to stay in the music field when I became an owner in the 2nd largest percussion retail company in the USA. In the ten years as a significant part of the ownership and leadership team, Lone Star Percussion and its resurgent’s, was admired and praised industry wide. Customer trust and confidence was renewed and built on taking care of each person as if they were all that mattered.

    Relationship building is my strength and something I truly enjoy and take great pride in. I work to provide a seamless experience from our first meeting through closing and beyond. I’m committed to conducting business “the right way”.

    An avid admirer of residential architecture, I transitioned into being a realtor along with home remodeling. I’ve been involved in all aspects of remodeling as well as the build of an AIA architect, Cliff Welch Texas Modern MCM inspired dream home.

    My wife and I began visiting Roatan in 2007. After over a dozen trips to the Bay Islands, we finally pulled the trigger on the purchase of a vacation home on the island. My agent was great! Over an eleven-year span, we must have seen forty-plus properties. He was relieved when we finally pulled the trigger in 2018.

    We made the move to the island full time in 2021 with our good puppy dogs Maya, Rooney, and Penny.

    I look forward to working with you and helping you find out if Roatan is the right island for you.

  • Channin Bodden


    Hi, My name is Channin Bodden. I am a 5th generation Native Islander raised in Roatan, Cayman Islands and Miami. As a business owner of a small tour company I enjoy sharing my home and culture with others. Having past Real estate experience I am honored to help you find your very own piece of Paradise.

  • Tirza Jackson


    I'm a native islander that was born and raised on Roatan. I am very personable and passionate about making my clients dreams come true. So far I am loving the real estate industy and looking forward to helping anyone find their Caribbean dream.

  • Jason Warren


    About Me:
    Born and raised in the tropical paradise of Roatan, Honduras, I have a deep-rooted passion for this stunning island and its real estate market. With years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the local market dynamics, I am committed to helping clients discover their dream properties while embracing the unique lifestyle that Roatan offers.

    Roatan Expertise:
    Having grown up on Roatan, I have witnessed firsthand the island's growth and transformation. My intimate knowledge of the various neighborhoods, communities, and hidden gems allows me to provide valuable insights and guide my clients towards making informed decisions. Whether you are seeking a beachfront villa, a tranquil hillside retreat, or an investment opportunity, I have the expertise to help you find the perfect property to suit your needs.

    Personalized Service:
    I believe in providing personalized service that goes beyond buying or selling properties. My goal is to understand your unique requirements, preferences, and budget to ensure a seamless and satisfying real estate experience. From the initial consultation to closing the deal, I am dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, providing expert advice, negotiating on your behalf, and ensuring your best interests are represented.

    Let's Get Started:
    Whether you are a first-time buyer, seasoned investor, or simply exploring the idea of owning a piece of paradise, I am here to assist you. Let's embark on this exciting real estate journey together, and I promise to provide you with unparalleled service, local expertise, and a commitment to helping you find your perfect property in Roatan.

  • Lauren Hughes Schneidewind

    Realtor and Investor

    Love at first sight? Back in 2009, little did I know that a one week vacation to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Roatan, Honduras would change my life forever. I instantly fell in love with the island, the people, the diving, food and culture. Three weeks later I had packed all of my belongings and started an adventure of a lifetime. I officially had the privilege to call Roatan my home.

    Roatan has changed in many ways over the past 15 years; however, the vibrancy remains the same. One of the best parts about working in Real Estate in Roatan are all of the amazing people we get to meet coming to the island, some as their first time, some lost count years ago. I truly enjoy getting to hear all of the stories and tales from fellow travelers.

    As a licensed Realtor in Honduras and the United States my clients get to experience the best of both worlds. As a Realtor with extensive experience in Luxury and Investment Real Estate, my clients have the peace of mind knowing that their real estate goals are in great hands. Let me be your first call when you are thinking about joining us and living the Caribbean life so many others only dream about.


  • Matt Halliday

    I am originally from Winnipeg, Canada. I moved to Roatan in 1998 and have been in the real estate industry full-time since then. I have spent the last two decades excelling in the competitive landscape of Roatan real estate, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent.

    One of the things I enjoy most about living here is the beautiful weather, which allows for an active lifestyle. I regularly walk, run, and cycle.

    As a Roatan resident for almost 30 years, I have intimate knowledge of the area and a strong desire to make my home your home. Different areas will appeal to different people depending on their wants and needs. If you are looking for a vacation home, your requirements will be different than if you are looking for a full-time home with room for a garden or pets.

    My business is built on communication, dedication, and transparency. This recipe has helped me to become a highly respected realtor on Roatan.

    The Hondurans are welcoming and genuinely friendly. My closest friends are from here. English is widely spoken in Roatan, and I am learning Spanish as part of my cultural experience. Formula One racing is my passion, and photography is my hobby. I look forward to combining my knowledge of Roatan with your wish list to ensure you buy what makes sense for your situation.

  • Angie Jones


    Angie Jones originally from Roatan, Honduras. Loves interacting with people and providing great customer service. That’s one of the reasons why she enjoys working in an administrative role. She has always been interested to help in any way possible.

  • Aimee George

    My husband and I fell in love with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about Roatan on a mission trip in 2008!

    Something about the island kept drawing us back. Each time we would visit and leave to return to the states our hearts felt as if we were leaving a piece of them behind!

    So in 2020 we decided to buy a lil slice of paradise that we could call home!

    Roatan has forever changed our lives! It's taught us to LIVE NOW! LIVE BIG! DREAM NOW! DREAM BIG! Most importantly to LOVE BIGGER because tomorrow isn't promised!

    I have always been a big believer in sharing ANYTHING that has changed my life! Roatan has done that for me and my husband in so many ways!

    Being able to help others find their slice of paradise as well as LIVE their DREAMS and LIVES BIG will be my pleasure!

  • Cintya


    As a Honduran it is my pleasure to invite you to explore our little piece of Paradise.

    As office manager for Roatan Life, I have the privilege of interacting with many couples and families who have shown me how grateful they are to have the opportunity to purchase a piece of a paradise.

    After 17 years of living on the Island of Roatan, the warming locals have almost made me feel like a native. As a mother of two, I am happy to call Roatan home, as it covers all points on my checklist. It is a beautiful, serene, safe place, to live with a diverse choice of activities to enjoy almost all year round.

    Come, meet with us. It will be our greatest pleasure to show you, your future home.

  • Hilly Bodden

    Front Desk and Reception

    My name is Hilly Bodden, and I am a native of the stunning island of Roatan. Having spent my entire life on this magnificent island, I can attest to its unparalleled beauty and charm. Currently, I reside in the serene community of Sandy Bay, which boasts of lush greenery and tranquility. Although Roatan has undergone significant changes over the years, the allure and essence that draw people to this island remain unaltered.

    Roatan is a place that captures the heart and soul of everyone who visits, making them want to stay.

    In summary, Roatan is an extraordinary island, and I will be happy to help you with anything you need to make this paradise your home.