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  • Steve Hasz


    While walking down Roatan's West Bay Beach in 1992, I realized what a magical place I'd discovered. The friendly people, white sand beaches and lush greenery captivated me. Although Roatan has many more services today, its charm continues to keep me here.

    For the past dozen years, I have spent around half of the time working on Roatan and the Central American mainland. I've had the privilege of interacting with many of Roatan's business people, expats and its many visitors. My reputation for honesty and delivering positive results has grown through the years, along with my knowledge of all aspects of Roatan.

  • Mike Carter


    In 1996 I made my first trip to Honduras, and immediately fell in love with the diverse culture, people and physical beauty of this vibrant place. As the years went by and the frequency of my travels to Roatan increased I took the leap and began investing and developing real estate with -Yea, you guessed it!- Roatan Life Real Estate. One of the properties I purchased was a vacation home in Palmetto Bay Plantation. After a few months of talks, Gene DeMarco and I started Roatan Life Vacation Rentals and Property Management.

    The birth of the new division of Roatan Life Vacation Rentals inspired my wife Cindy and I to make the leap and leave our careers in the USA and move to Roatan full time. As a principal in a growing property management company with an extensive background in customer service, I decided to take the next step and became a licensed realtor here in Honduras. Since then I have been happy to partner with Steve Hasz and Gene De Marco as an owner, partner, and leader of the Roatan Life Real Estate team.

    I believe my experience in business here on Roatan and in the United States makes me a great solution for your real estate needs. I am known for my directness (the Midwesterner in me), but feel that is the most transparent way to work with clients; I want to be sure Roatan is right for them and help them make the best decisions possible. I look forward to working with you.

  • Gene DeMarco


    I first visited Roatan in 2001 while vacationing and diving. Originally from Boston, I lived and made my early career in hotel and property management, both Boston and the Cayman Islands. In 2006, Mike Carter and I decided to move to Roatan and start Roatan Life Rentals, a property management company designed to offer the best services to those investing in property on Roatan. Since I have managed the maintenance and construction aspects of the company.

    As a recognized home inspector on Roatan my extensive experience running the job crews and maintenance operations, working with various contractors and companies, has provided me a unique perspective of each investment property. My experience as an inspector allows me to recognize all the possibilities for renovation of existing properties and help prospective buyers realize their vision quickly and easily. I enjoy spending my free time diving, traveling to exotic locales, and hanging out with my island family.

  • John and Barbara Morris


    Live and Invest As a husband and wife Licensed Realtors team at Roatan Life Real Estate, we have lived and worked on the island for over 10 years and have accumulated a vast knowledge of the island and its people, creating a large network of professional connections.

    We will assist you in your search for the perfect property, whether it be a condo, a house, land or a business development, having access to all listings on the island, both private and those on the MLS.

    So when considering an agent to represent you in your real estate new adventure, relax and let us handle it! Our unique approach as a married couple allows you to see all sides of living and investing on the magical island of Roatan.

  • Ralph Rivera


    Hi I am Ralph Rivera and have worked in Real Estate in Roatan for over 10 years. My family and I love the Bay Islands and I can not wait to show you our marketplace.

  • Sophia Fedio


    I first walked out on West Bay Beach in 2011 and I never wanted to go home. I was on vacation to escape the cold Canadian winters and immediately fell in love with the island. Originally from Edmonton, I had been living in Toronto for almost 5 years. I was ready for a change of scenery. When I looked to purchase my first home on Roatan I worked with Roatan Life Real Estate. Only six months after my first visit I was living here full time and ready to take on a new career path. Prior to moving to Roatan, I worked in the financial industry, specifically with mortgage lending. I have witnessed the tremendous change and growth that’s transformed the area of the Bay Islands and specifically Roatan, which is why I decided to join the Roatan Life team 5 years ago.

    I am fluent in both French and English. When not at work I can be found floating in the sea, playing with my two dogs Lola and Bear or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

    As your Realtor, I will work hard to lower your stress level and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. Contact me today with all your questions regarding Real Estate on Roatan or the Bay Islands of Honduras. Real Estate isn’t just my work, it’s my passion and it would be a pleasure to work for you.

  • Rick Northrop


    I have worked in almost all aspects of the real estate industry for almost 30 years, having been involved in buying, selling, construction, renovating and accounting. My work in business as an owner and an accountant has given me experience in negotiation, while I am able to understand and evaluate the financial side of a commercial investment.

    I was born in the US, but moved to Canada in the mid 80's and I hold dual citizenship. Even though I graduated from college with a degree in Sound Recording Technology, just out of college I went to work for a building contractor.

    I bought my first house at 25 and I've been buying, renovating and selling my own properties ever since. One of my earlier projects involved buying an old Victorian in upstate New York, renovating and running it as a bed and breakfast. Additionally, I had an internet company, which I eventually sold, allowing me to realize my dream of buying a property in the Caribbean. I started my search, came as far as Roatan, bought a lot, designed, and built my home.

    I’ve now spent twelve great years on Roatan where I also do the accounting for Roatan Life Real Estate.

    All these experiences have given me a unique perspective so I can see property through the eyes of both buyers and a sellers. I look forward to working with you and helping you meet your real estate needs

  • Chuck Thompson


    I first came to Roatán in 2014 and fell in love with the charm of the island, the mix of diverse cultures, and the incredible scuba diving. In 2017, I made the move to Roatán to escape the fast pace of New York City, where I was an attorney focusing on corporate finance.

    I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I received my J.D., magna cum laude, in 1997, from the University of Illinois College of Law, where I was the Managing Editor of the Law Review. I received an undergraduate degree from Miami University in 1994. I am a licensed real estate broker in the state of New York, and I am a member of the Bars in New York and Illinois.

    I have a number of real estate investments both in the United States and in Roatán and can help you not only with buying or selling a home on the island but also with properly valuing a business.

  • Barbara Blue


    Barbara comes to Roatan Life with a strong corporate background in both national and global management. She is an entrepreneurial individual with a proven track record in achieving rapid growth against aggressive requirements. This experience has served her well in providing outstanding customer service to her clients in real estate the past 3 years.

    Barbara has a proven track record in sales and account management in the travel and tourism field and now real estate. In her experiences, she has focused on accelerating growth
    and has consistently exceeded customer expectations. She is adept at performing in rapidly changing markets, as well as delivering excellent customer service.

    Barbara is a collaborative communicator skilled in building positive relationships with customers. Her skills allow her to minimize risk by anticipating variables that can impact customer service in a multicultural environment such as language barriers, nuances and how people from different cultures interact with businesses and brands.

    Barbara graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Barbara and her husband Stacey are active volunteers with a number of charities on the island of Roatan.

  • Marian Plunkett


    I was born and raised here on this beautiful island of Roatan. Over the years I have seen a great many people relocate here simply because of the island's natural beauty but they soon discover that it's the people that are probably the single biggest asset.

    I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and wife to a Canadain husband who relocated here himself in 2002. I am an avid cyclist and can often be seen cycling on the roads with one of the many cycling groups to which I belong. I have even traveled to mainland Honduras and other Central American countries to participate in sanctioned cycling events.

    I have traveled, studied and even lived abroad but Roatan will always be my home. For the past 12 years I have run my own successful photography business, aptly named Marian Plunkett Photography. I specialize in event photography and have helped many happy couples capture images of their wedding in paradise. At these events I am often asked questions about relocating and living here on Roatan. With this in mind it seemed like a logical step in my career of helping people was to join the fantastic team at Roatan Life.

    So let me welcome you to our beautiful island and let me assist you in making my home, your home.

  • Herbie Oseguera


    Every day I wake up and realize how lucky and blessed I am to have been born and raised on this beautiful island of Roatan. I am constantly in awe of the island’s beauty and charm and want to share it with as many people as possible. Seeing the island through the eyes of a visitor is an absolute pleasure and one that I will never take for granted.
    I have a few years experience with in the Real Estate business. After graduation I started to work in a Real Estate office and worked my way up to a full time Realtor. Seeing the potential in the industry and the positive effect it has on the island’s growth and prosperity made me realize that this career was perfect for me. My goal is to provide professional service to all potential clients and help them achieve their dream of owning a piece of paradise. I look forward to helping you.

  • Phil Weir


    When Phil arrived in Roatan in 1991, it was just another sleepy island in the western Caribbean, though one with a great vibe and incredible scuba diving. Phil spent a number of years instructing tourists and then became a PADI Course Director teaching other dive professionals to become instructors. Phil noticed that many instructors had a desire to stay, so he helped them with that process too, as a Realtor. Phil found his calling, and built the most successful real estate company on the island, Roatan Life Real Estate. Foreign countries offer particular challenges to real estate transactions, and Phil was committed to making the process transparent, fair, and as easy as possible. Phil was a founding member of the Roatan Realtor's Association, and served as its president. His approach - involved, proactive, and professional - proved successful in Roatan as it had in Aspen before. Having finally married and started a family, Phil began to long to return to the mountains for school and sports for his kids. In 2008 Phil made the decision to move back to Colorado and sold Roatan Life to Mike and Steve and they have continued to keep Roatan Life at the top.

    Phil works hard to maintain his strong personal & professional relationships in Roatan and in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. His involvement in the community and the real estate industry runs deep, helping many clients find the path to home ownership on Roatan or in Colorado.

  • Monica Pleitez


    Proudly Guatemala and happily living the dream of Caribbean life. My family and I decided to move to Roatan a few years ago, seeking the magic of this wonderful island. In the middle of this search and with the experience as a real estate agent in a big city, I decided to become a realtor and be part of the team at Roatan Life! Many families dream to own a piece of this wonderful destination, so let me be part of your next amazing and breathtaking moment!! I am fluent in both Spanish and English.

  • Cintya


    As a Honduran it is my pleasure to invite you to explore our little piece of Paradise.

    As office manager for Roatan Life, I have the privilege of interacting with many couples and families who have shown me how grateful they are to have the opportunity to purchase a piece of a paradise.

    After 17 years of living on the Island of Roatan, the warming locals have almost made me feel like a native. As a mother of two, I am happy to call Roatan home, as it covers all points on my checklist. It is a beautiful, serene, safe place, to live with a diverse choice of activities to enjoy almost all year round.

    Come, meet with us. It will be our greatest pleasure to show you, your future home.

  • Hilly Bodden

    Front Desk and Reception

    My name is Hilly Bodden born and raised on this beautiful island I called home, Roatan has always been and will always be a wonderful place to live in.

    Currently living in Sandy bay A quiet community with beautiful green lands Roatan has changed quite a bit in these few years but one thing will never change the essence people get when they come to Roatan it makes them want to stay.

    22 years of living here and I always get excited when I see the beauty this island has.

    What I love most about the island is that you get to wake up in Paradise and it's called Home.

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