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Jerry and Janet McIlhon

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Last June my wife and I came to the island of Roatan for the first time. We have been searching for some years to find the perfect spot to purchase a piece of paradise. My wife (who is in charge of the internet research dept. to find our island home) located the Palmetto Bay Plantation resort on the web.

We decided quickly that this would be our home base for our 8 day vacation. We were not disappointed. The beach, the diving, the food, the staff, and the accomodations were all first class. After being sold on Roatan as the place where we would one day build our island home (after our first day), we ventured out in search of property to purchase for the task.

I guess word must have gotten out that we were in search mode because as were relaxing on the beach enjoying a tropical drink were approached by Cecilia Chamer.  Cecilia says, “I hear you guys are looking at property”. Well, at this point I was not really in the mood to look at one more piece of dirt, but we agreed after getting cleaned up to go with her and take a look around at what Palmetto Bay had to offer.

After looking at a beachfront house and some lots near the resort complex that were for sale, I told her that was really not what we were looking for. What we really want, I said is a nice sized piece of property that is relatively close to the beach that is up high with a view of the sea. Cecilia just smiled and said, “we do have some lots for sale up the road behind the resort”.

To make a long story short (and I know it is already long) it was at this point that Cecilia brought us to our future home. For now, it’s just called “Lot 14”.  One day, it will have a more appropriate name. What we have is approximately 3/4 of an acre of island solitude surrounded by the biggest Palm trees I have ever seen with what will be after we are finished, a most spectacular 180 degree view of the Carribean. I have been to a few property closings in my life, but the one that I will always have the fondest memories of is our agreement with Cecilia and Gary Chamer on the beach at Palmetto Bay Plantation to purchase the ground for our future home on the idyllic Island of Roatan. So, if you are looking for your piece of paradise, you ought to give Cecilia a call, she will do you right.

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