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What You Need to Know About French Harbour Roatan

French Harbour is located in the middle of the island of Roatan, essentially serving as a dividing line between the East End of the Santos Guardiola Municipality and the western half of the island under the Roatan Municipality. As a main hub of commercial activity, French Harbour itself isn’t a very popular residential location for expats. However, there are several very popular communities in the vicinity that expats just love. If you’re considering living the good life here in the Caribbean, you might find your dream real estate near French Harbour, Roatan.

Beyond the residential opportunities, French Harbour is indeed a hub of activity. This is very convenient for locals, since you can find anything from hardware stores to schools, gas stations to clothing stores, and so much more. Plus, the new CEMESA Hospital is right here in French Harbour, providing exceptional medical care for residents and offering a fantastic alternative to going all the way to Coxen Hole. This high-end service is very affordable, too, which is a great relief for US expats especially.

To learn even more, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to Roatan Island. And, if you’re considering investing in Roatan real estate, feel free to get in touch so we can help you determine which part of the island might be best for you. We’re happy to help!

Map of French Harbour in Roatan

To get your bearings, French Harbour is located centrally on Roatan. It isn’t far from the international airport outside of Coxen Hole and it’s even closer to the ferry terminal and to the Mahogany Bay cruise ship terminal.

The communities that are popular among expats and tourists are on the fringes of French Harbour, so most of them are not actually included on this French Harbour-specific map. But you’ll see where the commercial hub is and references to communities we’ll discuss in more detail below.

French Harbour Roatan map from Roatan Life Real Estate

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Popular Neighborhoods Near French Harbour

French Harbour is a hub around which you’ll find several developments and communities that are especially popular with expats. Some of these are gated communities while others are more integrated with the local community. If you’re interested in any of the following, feel free to contact us for more details!

Pristine Bay and Big Bight

Pristine Bay is very popular with both tourists and expats, and for good reason! Home to the island’s only 18-hole championship golf course, The Black Pearl, this gated community boasts villas and condos aplenty. You’ll love the design of this community and the way these homes take advantage of the beautiful vistas across the green course and beyond to the Caribbean Sea. There are community amenities available and this location is very convenient for accessing anything in French Harbour or Coxen Hole, and for getting away from the crowds by heading to the East End.

Also located on the North Coast area of Big Bight and just east of Pristine Bay are the planned communities of Coral Views and Pangea Beach. Big Bight is a boater’s paradise and both of these are planned single-family home communities with beach areas. Lots start from $50,000 for small plots with a limited view up to $350,000 for beachfront plots. Hillside view lots in the low six figures are the popular choice. With many homes now built, there are also established options to consider.

Take a look at available real estate in Pristine Bay or the listings in Big Bight. Let us know if you want more details about any current listings.


Brick Bay

Brick Bay, on the southern shore, is a small community that’s popular with expats. Convenient access to all the amenities and commercial needs of Coxen Hole or French Harbour, plus easy access to dive centers and fun activities, make this community understandably attractive.

Check out available real estate in Brick Bay.

French Cay

French Cay is just past French Harbour heading east, located along the south shore. This community is a beautiful option for island-style living while staying close to amenities and conveniences. There are a few popular tourist attractions here, making cruise ship days a bit busier but still not as busy or popular as West End or West Bay.

Pineapple Villas

Located right next to Pristine Bay at the edge of French Harbour, Pineapple Villas is a Clarion Suites hotel and condo community that’s perfect for snowbirds or other part-time island visitors. With plentiful on-site amenities, including the popular Herby’s Sports Bar and the Pineapple Grill Restaurant, you can enjoy all the conveniences of a condo community from your base in French Harbour. Explore the island at your leisure and enjoy it all!

Palmetto Bay Roatan real estate

Palmetto Bay

The main road to Palmetto Bay leaves the main highway at Brick Bay to head toward the north shore. When you reach Palmetto, a gated community filled with lush tropical jungle and a beautiful stretch of beach, it might feel like its own little paradise. Palmetto Bay boasts beautiful homes within its tranquil location, but you’ll still have easy access to French Harbour or to Sandy Bay.

Take a look at currently available real estate in Palmetto Bay.

Tourism in the French Harbour Area

French Harbour itself is not a typical tourist destination. With its shopping, commercial centers, and medical facilities, it is certainly a vital hub for local residents. The vicinity around French Harbour, however, does offer several popular locations for tourists to visit. If you’re considering investing in a vacation rental property, there are great advantages to looking at these locations identified above, as well as individual homes along the main road. This area offers tourists a perfect launching point for exploring so much more of Roatan, with its central location being a great base to head east or west.

Expats in the French Harbour area have plenty of options for dining, socializing, and for outdoor activities. While some communities offer shared amenities like beaches, pools, and on-site dining, there are also plenty of locations in the French Harbour area where you can go diving, enjoy the beach, and dine al fresco in true island style.

Divers in the water getting ready for a scuba dive in Roatan Honduras with their dive boat and captain beside them

If you’re ready to explore more around French Harbour, then get in touch about real estate opportunities so we can find the perfect match for you.